jeudi 17 mars 2011

I will now write bilingual posts

Since many of you asked me to install a translation gadget on my blog, I assume you will be interested to know that from now on, you will be able to read my blog posts in English as well!

Being a translator myself, I don't think much of those silly tools that people pretend can (or, even worse, WILL) replace me and other translators one day. Since my version will be a hundred times better than the one this tool provides - and trust me, I've tried it quite a few times! - I have decided to translate all my blog posts from now on.

You will probably not get all the information I provide in French, because this would be too time-consuming for me to translate everything, but I'll summarize as best as I can. I don't write that much anyways, and I guess you are here more to see my work than to read my babble, right? :)

I will post the pictures only once though, in the French version, and the English will always follow the French.

1 commentaire:

Helen Tilbury a dit…

Oh this is wonderful news! And I can tell already that your English is way better than that silly translator gadget - I read a Japanese blog & even AFTER the translation it's still pretty much Japanese to me LOL!