vendredi 4 mars 2011

Some news

Hello all!

This week was a pretty busy week for me! My daughter was off from school, and I was working nights, so I did not get a lot of sleep at all! So today, I am really, really tired, and I have to travel 5 hours tomorrow for a wedding. Well, I guess I'll survive! Next week, things should be back to normal, so I should have more time to scrap!

Last week, I posted a few pages, and got lots of comments for this one, on my blog and on the Scrapbook Café forum. It makes me really happy to know that some people are really inspired by what I create. I would love you to tell me if you are inspired by the color, the style, some ornament, or the sketch. I am the kind of scrapper who finds inspiration mainly in colors.

So, what will I be up to next week? Well, among other things, I intend to create something for that challenge, as well as for palette #48 of The Color Room.

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