vendredi 16 août 2013

Lost and Found 3 (3 de 3/ 3 of 3) (Scrapbook Laurentides)

Voici ma troisième page réalisée avec les papiers de la collection Lost and Found 3 de My Mind's Eye.

Here's my third layout with the Lost and Found 3 collection by My Mind's Eye.

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Anna Wolleben a dit…

Hello, just wanted to let you know: you are a scrapbooking goddess for me! If I want to see something pretty, I just open your blog! Did you consider to give classes? I live in Alberta. Please let me know, if you are planning to give classes in Western Canada. We can organize something together.
Another question: what do you use to make the titles for your layouts: cricket?
Cheers from Calgary

mariemily a dit…

You are so nice! I don't expect to travel anytime soon for classes, because i work full time, so it would be ery difficlt for me.
I use the Silhouette Portrait to cut my titles. :)

Aline Marengo a dit…

So beautiful! I loved it!

Chantal Vandenberg a dit…

Wow this is beautiful!!!