vendredi 25 février 2011

What I've been up to lately...

Hello folks!

This week was a pretty busy week for me. Instead of working the night shift, I was working the day shift, which means I had to rush in the morning to get ready, and rush at night as well to come back home and make dinner. I was also lucky enough to be stuck in traffic! Even my daughter complained because she had to have lunch at school. She said: "I don't like it when you work during the day!" So I think everybody loves our new reality!

I also wrote yesterday that I did not do regular scrapbooking during the last few weeks because my workspace was cluttered with all kinds of tools and other supplies, because my husband has to fix something in the attic, and he has to go through my room to get to the attic. So I got sick and tired of it and yesterday, I cleaned everything! I will now be able to do regular scrapbooking.

That said, I created quite a few cards this week, using sentiments in English. Here they are:

And here is one, open:

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